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Burnout Crash!

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CountryBandSongGenre Actions
England The Primitives Crash Pop
United States Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby Rap
United States Salt-n-Pepa Push It Rap
Cuba Gloria Estefan Dr. Beat Synthpop
United States The Weather Girls It's Raining Men Disco
Jamaica Inner Circle Bad Boys Reggae
England Spandau Ballet Gold Synthpop
Wales Dame Shirley Bassey Big Spender (Pink Pound Remix) Electronica
Italy Giuseppe Verdi Messa Da Requiem Classical music !Trailer: Gamescom.
Original Soundtrack
Argentina Vanesa Lorena Burnout Theme (Tate Remix) Composed soundtrack !Trailer: Gamescom.
Argentina Vanesa Lorena Crash City Composed soundtrack
Argentina Vanesa Lorena Road Tripper Composed soundtrack
Argentina Vanesa Lorena Traffic Attack Composed soundtrack
Argentina Vanesa Lorena Detonate Me Composed soundtrack
Vanesa Lorena Piled Up Composed soundtrack !New Official Gameplay Trailer
Argentina Vanesa Lorena Crush Hour Composed soundtrack
Argentina Vanesa Lorena Full Original Soundtrack Composed soundtrack


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